Affordable acupuncture in a group setting

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What to Expect on your First Visit

Wear comfortable clothing

We can treat any condition or pain in the body using acupuncture points from the elbows down, knees down, head and ears. Therefore please wear clothes where you can slide up the sleeves above the elbows and pants to just above the knees. No getting undressed for acupuncture at our clinic.

You may fall asleep

Acupuncture triggers the body to release endorphins (your body's natural pain reliever) which makes patients relax and many people fall asleep. Don't worry we will wake you up after 45 minutes if you are sleeping.

Please arrive five minutes prior to your appointment time, and allow 1 hour from start to finish for your treatment

Come in, hang up your coat, remove your shoes or boots. The acupuncturist will come and get you to guide you to a chair. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to go over your history and place the needles. You can sit and relax for 45 minutes with the needles in so plan on 1 hour for your visit.

No perfumes or colognes please

Many patients have allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, so please refrain from wearing anything on the day of your appointment. 

Turn off your cell phone before entering

We treat in an open room with divider screens, therefore this is a quiet zone. We ask that you turn off your cell phone volume and speak quietly while in the treatment space.

Masks are required at this time

At this time we are still requiring masks while in the treatment room as we treat patients who may have compromised immune systems. This may change as guidelines change. We thank you for your compliance on this.

Fees/Payment type

We have a sliding fee scale of $25 - $50 a treatment where you will decide what you can afford to pay on the scale. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and Flex Savings or Health Savings Account cards.